Super Rope Cinch can Support More Weight than you think

Super Rope Cinch can Support More Weight than you think

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From the manufacturer’s manual guideline, Super Rope Cinch can support a weight not exceeding 750 lbs vertically. However, in a test conducted by Applied Technical Services, Inc, it showed that the Super Rope Cinch can support more weight than what is featured in its manufacturer guidelines. Nonetheless, users need to realize that manufacturers often give limits of load capacity of their products that should not be exceeded as a precautionary measure. This is very essential when using a product that supports heavy weight to remain safe when using the product.

While the information given from the test may be useful, it should not mean that the Super Rope Cinch should be used for extended load capacity than what is provided in the user manual. Only the manufacturer’s recommended weight load should apply when you use this product. In the test, the following records where obtained:

  • In the test that featured different rope dimensions using the Super Rope Cinch to secure them, it showed that using a normal 3/8 inch rope diameter, the device could support a weight of up to 1270 lbs. The maximum load capacity was recorded when the rope slipped through the cinch.
  • For a ½ inch normal rope diameter, the device managed to support a weight of 1380 lbs
  • For 5/8 inch normal rope diameter, this fastening device recorded a support weight of 1340 lbs.
  • The testing was done using vertical weight pull using a half-hitch tie before securing the Super Rope Cinch

What this means is that the figures provided by the manufacturer of the Super Rope Cinch, Just Right Products LLC, are within safe range. For anyone to use the product in supporting more weight than what is provided by the manufacturer, it would be dangerous. The test conducted by Applied Technical Services, Incorporated can be used to clarify that this product is safe for use when only used within the recommended weight load.

Users should never exceed the 750 lbs load capacity when they use the rope securing device. This could be catastrophic and depending on the situation where the cinch is being applied, it may lead to damages, serious injuries, or even loss of life. Super Rope Cinch is designed to secure ropes when tying objects and one thing it eliminates is the use of knots.

Not many people are comfortable with the tying of knots because they can slip out or unfasten when you least expect it. However, with this device, it secures the ropes firmly, and fastens your object. It has many uses ranging from securing of boats, anchoring of water crafts, wakeboards, luggage, small aircrafts, and among many other uses. This device supports different dimensions of ropes meaning that if you are securing a heavier load, you can use a larger diameter rope.

It can support ropes with a diameter of up to 5/8 inches. The recommended lowest diameter of ropes that can be supported by the device is 1/8 inches. All users reading this article should understand that the testing results are only intended for tests and not applicability of the device.

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Brief Super Rope Cinch Reviews

Brief Super Rope Cinch Reviews

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Many products are introduced into the market and are claimed to be the best. One way in which you can know that a product meets the expectations of consumers is to check on the reviews they are receiving. With the Super Rope Cinch, the reviews say it all. Starting with what kind of product it is, and what it is capable of doing. The Super Rope Cinch has grown rapidly in demand and sales dramatically. The most interesting thing is that there are many positive Super Rope Cinch reviews.

At Amazon, one of the leading online market place for all sorts of products, there has been impressive reviews on the Super Rope Cinch. This product shows an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. One of the consumer reviews mentioned that the product exceeded his expectations when he purchased it recently to use it by tying down an aircraft.

The buyer said that he was never happy with those half hitches he tied when securing his plane. He claims that he was never able to get the tiedowns tight enough to where he would be comfortable his plane would stay secure in times of strong winds. He said that he wanted a product which could allow him to tie the ropes tightly without the worry of loosening or unfastening when least expected.

The Super Rope Cinch reviewer also said that he wanted a product that was fairly compact as well as lightweight to allow him carry it around in the airplane when he traveled to other locations and this is exactly what he got from the Super Rope Cinch. The reviewer continues to say that this device fits the bill perfectly since it is light weight, small, and easy to use yet it holds and secures objects tightly.

One thing, which enticed him to buy the set of Super Rope Cinches, is because they were inexpensive, and if they did not function properly, he would not have lost much money. However, surprisingly, he found that the device functions pretty well and exceeded his expectations.

Though made from plastic, the device feels substantial and not flimsy when it is tightened down on a rope. The hold also feels quite strong. Another reviewer from Amazon also said that being a non-certified sailor and not having learned the intricacies of securing ropes with knots, he has discovered that the Super Rope Cinches work for anyone. This is because they are easy to use as they have been advised, they can secure ropes that range in diameter from 1/8 inches to 5/8 inches.

On the Home Depot website, the reviews by customers is similar with the Super Rope Cinch being awarded a rating of 5 stars.

One client said that every now and then, there are great products coming in the market and people ask themselves, why it took so long for such products to have been invented. This is a typical case of a product like the Super Rope Cinch and for sure, people wonder why it took so long for inventors like Tim Bourke to come up with a product like super rope cinch.

Amazon Super Rope Cinch Reviews

Home Depot Super Rope Cinch Reviews

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6 Essential Uses of the Super Rope Cinch in Survival

6 Essential Uses of the Super Rope Cinch in Survival

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One essential item that you should have in your bug-out bag, if you have one, is a Super Rope Cinch. A bug-out bag is a portable emergency survival kit that is designed to help people when they find themselves in situations that need survival techniques. A difficult situation can arise when in the wild and want to discover ways in which you can protect yourself, family or colleagues. Since in a bug-out bag, you will find a rope, in tying the rope, you will need a device like Super Rope Cinch.

Imagine in the event of an emergency and you need to protect yourself from adverse weather conditions like strong winds, wild animals, or even heat, you can secure a tent or temporary shelter using ropes fastened with Super Rope Cinches. The aspect of tying and untying knots does not feature safely in such emergency situations. Some of the uses of Super Rope Cinch in survival are such as:

Building a shelter. If you are out in the wilderness and you want to protect your family from the cold, animals, and wind, you can secure your shelter using a rope that is cinched with Super Rope Cinch. Ropes can be used in securing bundles of sticks that form improvised walls or even roofing for your shelter in the wild.

Tying down a tent. When you are bugging out, one thing you may have in plan is erecting a tent. Using a Super Rope Cinch, you have the ability to secure your tent in the park, mountain, or other areas you are adventuring.

Tying items to your bug-out bag. If you have items in your bug-out bag and there seems to be no extra space to put in more items, you can secure some of them outside the bag. Using a rope and a Super Rope Cinch, you can tie things like folded tents and other tools right onto the bug-out bag. You can tie things that you need for your survival and which do not fit in the bag.

Tying down objects. When in the wild, and you are worried that the storm and strong winds may blow some of your belongings away. You might want to use this device to fasten the ropes that you need to tie down the objects.

Carrying heavy objects. If your bug-out bag is full but you still have some survival accessories, which you have not put inside, leaving them behind could put your family in danger when in the wild. With the extra heavy objects, carrying them with you might slow your walking pace down. Since you do not want to compromise the survival plan, you need to strap the objects securely using the ropes cinched with Super Rope Cinch and make a comfortable handle that allow you carry them more easily.

Going up and down a cliff (Use precaution, Super Rope Cinch does not recommend even though it’s strong enough, depending on the rope used). If you are adventuring by rappelling on cliffs, you need to ensure you use a very secure rope. Securing the rope using this device ensures that you can rappel safely and do not risk going down the cliff. If anyone accidentally falls down the cliff, you can be the hero in going after him or her by suspending yourself using a strong rope secured with this device.

There are many ways in which you can use the Super Rope Cinch in a survival plan when you are going out in the wild with the family. It is a handy accessory that you cannot afford to leave behind in your list of items.

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Good to Know Facts about the Super Rope Cinch

Good to Know Facts about the Super Rope Cinch

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You might have heard of the Super Rope Cinch and the way in which it has changed the old-fashioned way of securing ropes using knots. Well, if you have not yet came across this product, it is a simple, hard durable plastic device that was invented by Tim Bourke. It was introduced into the market in 2011.

Since its introduction, it has eased the way in which people used to secure their objects using ropes. To understand more about the Super Rope Cinch, here are a few facts you need to know about it.

  • It can secure ropes with just a simple twist and without tying any knots
  • It won the Member’s Choice Award against a staggering number of over 2000 new products that sought the title in 2011 at the “Do It Best October Market”
  • It secures most of the ropes and lines that are between 1/8 inches thick and 5/8 inches thick
  • You can even tie two different sizes of ropes together using this device
  • It works within and at a maximum of up to 10 percent of the SWL of a rope. SWL stands for “safe working load” and every rope has its load capacity where it is deemed safe be used at
  • This product is made in the USA
  • It is waterproof, meaning it will not be damaged when you use it in moist or damp areas or even in water
  • It is UV protected to enhance durability and strength
  • Being a super light product weighing only about 3 oz, you can use it easily and comfortably
  • It is small in size measuring about 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches (Also, an even smaller one coming soon the mini SRC)
  • This device is designed of 100% acetal, a plastic that provides high strength and stiffness along with enhanced dimensional stability as well as ease of machining.

Since it is a device for securing ropes, you can use it anywhere you want to fasten any rope. It’s the safer alternative for those who use bungee cords.

You may use it to anchor your boat and small aircraft. Besides, people can use it to fasten goods mounted on top of their car roofs as well. Whether you need to secure an object or just a rope for swinging exercise, it is a product that you will find many uses fore. Many people are finding it a very handy tool in their day-to-day rope securing needs whether at home, in businesses, and during leisure activities.

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Super Rope Cinch Mini Prototype

Super Rope Cinch Mini Prototype

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The Super Rope Cinch Mini is underway and you can now take a look at the prototype. The Super Rope Cinch has provided great benefits and is a huge success. Now it’s time for the SRC mini which is better for skinnier rope, smaller and less bulkier items. Just Right Products is just about done with R&D on it’s newest product, Super Rope Cinch Mini. The Mini will secure 1/8th and 1/4 inch rope. With more 1/4 inch rope sold than any other size, the team at Just Right knew it was only a matter of time. The SRC Mini should be available by the end of the year!

The Super Rope Cinch Mini Prototype

Tim Bourke has been waiting impatiently to come out with the Super Rope Cinch mini since the original Super Rope Cinch came out. The Super Rope Cinch mini will provide a few benefits that the original Super Rope Cinch can’t. The Mini is meant for smaller and lighter objects and of course, skinnier rope. This is a benefit since that the mini is not as bulky as the original one. This provides a comfort of use for securing smaller objects.

Why the Super Rope Cinch

Some people over social media have suggested that the Super Rope Cinch is for people that are lazy and who do not want to learn how to tie knots. Well, doesn’t every invention make lives easier? Every invention has a purpose to save you time, money, head-aces and once again most importantly, TIME! This product was intended to make it easy for people to simply secure any item they need with rope. The Super Rope Cinch gives you the ability to tie a knot, but actually with even tying a knot. Why waste time tying and untying when you can simply slide an SRC into to each ends of rope and your done. Think about it, it takes roughly 1-5 minutes to tie a good knot, some inexperienced people it may take longer. Why waste time? Use a Super Rope Cinch!

The new SRC mini is going to be huge, if you have yet to experience an original one, buy one here!

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The New Style Hanging Display

The New Style Hanging Display

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The new style hanging display is much more attractive. This new clear tube with information about the Super Rope Cinch is wrapped around the clear tub on the top and bottom. This provides a great way to offer the benefits and features of owning a Super Rope Cinch.

Why a Super Rope Cinch helps

A Super Rope Cinch can help in many ways if your a boater, sailor, outdoor person, or any type of person that may use rope in their day to day life. The device holds up to 750lbs or even double it’s weight if a half-hitch is used before securing the device to which ever item you are securing. See more about the half-hitch and Super Rope Cinch here.

Where can I buy a Super Rope Cinch

By simply going to the Buy a Super Rope Cinch section on the Super Rope Cinch website you will see several links where you can purchase the SRC easily. The most quick, easy and secure way is to purchase it through Amazon.

Hanging Display Super Rope Cinch

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Super Rope Cinch Sells out at The Shuuk

Super Rope Cinch Sells out at The Shuuk

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Recently the Super Rope Cinch got sold out and now is back in stock at The Shuuk, but be careful they only have 9 left as you read this. Since the Super Rope Cinch was released in June 2011, it has been distributing like wildfire. It is one product that has found immediate use and acceptance from many consumers. The rope fastening device has been gaining new retail distribution channels at an amazing pace. As of July 2012, the Super Rope Cinch had been available in over 12,000 retails across the US. One retailer store that has been selling the Super Rope Cinch is The Shuuk. This is an online retail store, which recorded an amazing number of sales of the Super Rope Cinch.

In just over two weeks, the product had been completely sold and out of stock. The online retail store The Shuuk offers one-of-the-kind consumer products with great focus on new inventions, which have not been available in other retail markets. In addition, The Shuuk has a tradition of showcasing the inventors of new products as one way of connecting them to the general public.

Ensuring that new products find their acceptance and confidence from consumers more quickly. It is not easy to bring a product in the market and be able to get wide acceptance within just a short time. While the manufacturer of the Super Rope Cinch, Just Right Products LLC has had its own share of challenges, when it comes to introducing the Super Rope Cinch to the market, there has been great support from numerous consumers.

One thing about the Super Rope Cinch is that it is very inexpensive. Now where can you get a product that does so many things, yet it only fetches less than $5 dollars. Another thing is that it completes one of the most common practices but actually substitutes it, that is, tying ropes!. In the past, people created knots which was not something easy.

Even today, those who have not purchased this product are still struggling with the problem of tying and untying knots to fasten ropes. With the Super Rope Cinch, it does away with this traditional practice and brings in a new invention. According to Tim Bourke, it is companies like The Shuuk, which really make a difference when it comes to inventors of many new products.

Without companies like this, it would be difficult for many products to even see the light of day in the market. When you use the Super Rope Cinch, you do not have to mess with knots that are stuck or even wet knots. If you have ever tried to untie a wet knot, you can tell what it feels like. It is something that is really frustrating, and you may even want to use your teeth to untie the rope, which is unhygienic as well as unsafe.

The Shuuk is one among the many new shopping outlets that are seeking a niche on the online retail market. When they have a unique product that they can offer for sale, while sharing the origin and history of the products, they can quickly build audiences and followers as well as buyers.

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